Stainless 1/8” V-Jets
(Vee Jets, VeeJets, V Jets)

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Tired of drippy jets?

Then buy your jets with my Jet Screen™ Check valve already installed.

The Jet Screen™ uses a strainer cap to stop both the drips & clogs.

Jet Screens™ are recommended for
02 jets and smaller.

All you do is wrap with Teflon tape and screw into your existing jet manifold system.

With a healthy trigger valve up top and the
Jet Screen™ check valve down below,
you get my no-drip guarantee.

8001 veejet

8002 vee jet

8003 veejet

80015 veejet

9501 veejet

9502 vee jet

9503 vee jet

9504 veejet

95015 veejet

950050 veejet

11002 vee jet

11004 vee jet

11006 veejet

110015 veejet

Click here for
Jet Screen™
Check Valve Parts

11001 vee jet

11003 veejet

Use the drop down arrow v to select:
 V-Jet 5.50,   or   V-Jet & Jet Screen™7.50

Jet Screen™