AH120 2” Male 2” Swivel Set

Assembly M & F – AH45PS

AH126 – 2” Male Swivel Cool Cuff  used to connect to 2” hose to 2” wand tube. Allows hose to swivel at wand connection.

AH120 – 2” Male Cool Cuff can also be used to connect to a 2” wand tube, but will not swivel.

AH126 2” Male Swivel Cuff AH120 2” Male Cuff AH45 2” Male Starter AH122PS 2” Female Swivel AH120 AH122PS 2” Female Swivel AH120 2” Male AH150 2” Y

AH152 – 2” Cool Y Assembly is used in the “4 to the Door” set up. Two 2” hoses from the truck mount must each have a AH120 2” male cuffs to connect to the two AH122PS 2” female swivel cuffs. The one 2” hose to the wand will have an AH122PS female swivel cuff  to connect to the AH120 2” male cuff on the Cool Y assembly.

2” Cool Y Complete Assembly .

Mal's-E: Add AH126 2" Male Swivel to cart Mal's-E: Add AH120 2" Male to cart Mal's-E: Add AH120 2" Male to cart Mal's-E: Add AH126 2 in. Male Swivel to cart Mal's-E: Add AH45 2 in.  Male Stater to cart Mal's-E: Add AH150  2 in. Y with 3 clamps to cart

2” Cool Cuff Applications

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AH122PS 2” Female Swivel AH122

AH45 – 2” male starter Cool Cuff  is used to connect to the 2” barb or pipe on the recovery tank or machine. The AH122PS 2” female swivel Cool Cuff   will then allow a 2” vacuum hose to be connected to the starter cuff.

Mal's-E: Add AH146R Barb Reducer 2 1/2 to 2 to cart
Van     Job 2.5” 2” 2.5” Female 2” Male Reducer Mal's-E: Add AH155 2.5 in Female to 2 in. Male Reducer to cart