All you do is drill out the holes and install these Cool Cuff port fittings.

Hundreds of cleaners have already done it.  You’ll be glad you did too.

Here’s the bits you want. They fit any standard 3/8” drill.

Get them at Lowe’s. They’re the only ones I’ve found

that come complete with mandrel, ready for use.

Get the 2.5” bit for installing the 2” port fittings.

Get the 3.0” bit for installing the 2.5” port fittings.

We’re using these same bits to add 2nd ports

to aluminum tanks and filter boxes.

First, cut off the ends of the tapered ports.

Any hack saw will do.     

Now just drill out your holes and clean them up with a Dremel tool or file.

Then install the port fittings. The gaskets go on the inside and the Cool Cuff acts as the ‘nut’.  

You don’t need any glue to secure these port adapters.  Just tighten the Cool Cuff good and tight by hand and you will have a very tight seal.


Don’t forget to drill out the bottom of your mesh basket.  I’ve made up the ones with the big 1” holes for max airflow if you need one.

Call if you have any questions, RC Team 253 653-7209  

I can’t wait to hear what you think of all that air going through your new Cool Filters!

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True 2”

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