It just takes a minute to wash down the bags with this handy sprayer and you are back to cleaning again. Deluxe Wash Downer

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Wide 16” X  Long21”

8.5 x .25 rubber bands

8 1/2” X 1/4” Rubber Band.

2 for .99

5 for 1.99   

Need to hold the Liner in place?

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Non Elastic White Liner
These Liners
can be used in many filters.

They measure 16” Wide X 21” Long

Tips & Use:

If you’re running dual hoses or 2.5” hose, be sure to point to it, and explain it, so they forever know that you are the guy who gets their carpet dry – fast.

If you notice a drop in suction during the job, simply pop the front lid and use the
Wash Downer to wash the debris down to the bottom of the basket.

Do this after each job and you will have stronger suction all day long....

Right before you shut down, with the vacuum still connected to your filter, grab the Wash Downer and connect it to your solution hose, pop the top on your filter, wash the crud down, close the Lid to the filter, hold your hand over the front port, tilt the Filter near vertical for a few seconds to let water drain out the bottom, THEN

Disconnect your vacuum and proceed to shut down your unit and wrap up.

Now, you are ready for next job.

Your basket should not need cleaning very often if you use the Liners.

Filter Liners for Turckmounts and
RC99/Silver Bullet and other inline filters

$ 10.99


25 Filter Liners