Our QDs take a beating... especially the male.

Think about it...

When you squeeze the trigger, water flows, pressure builds and the female QD wants to push away from the male. But the stainless balls of the female are there to lock the male & female together.  Those balls are stainless and those balls rock back & forth in the trough of the male and before long you’ve got yourself a nice sharp edge at the crest of the trough.  

Now it takes more force to connect your QDs since those balls must ride up & over that ledge. And since the outer o-ring rides right up to that sharp ledge, it can get cut and now you’ve got a drippy connection.  

By going stainless from the start it can prevent this.

You want a stainless QD on all your main tools. 

Go Stainless and you’ll be checking one more problem off your list. 

Males Quick Disconnects take a
beating... so go Stainless QD’s

$ 12.99


Stainless Steel
1/4in. Male QD