PMF Hide-A-Hose

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1 1/4”  is Low Pressure Solution Hose

1 1/2”  is Low Pressure Solution Hose

1 1/2”  High Pressure High Temp Solution Hose

2” is High Pressure and High Temp Solution Hose

Pick your hose size and then in the drop down menu below it pick the length you would like.

Low Pressure Choose 1 1/2 " Length

High Pressure Choose 1 1/2 " Length

High Pressure Choose 2 " Length

Vacuum/Solution Hose System Simply the most innovative invention since the Steam Extraction Carpet Cleaner…The HIDE-A-HOSE’s simple principle of placing the solution line through the vacuum line using the patented hose cuffs makes it the most convenient hose system in the industry. The HIDE-A-HOSE has taken over the carpet cleaning industry! The benefits of using the HIDE-A-HOSE are numerous. No more joining the solution hose to the vacuum hose with tape or cable ties. Another benefit is the solution hose will no longer catch objects as you move around the room. The convenience of rolling a smooth hose out on the job is unsurpassed. The HIDEA- HOSE is available in continuous lengths or shorter connecting lengths for easy adjustment on the job. Only the highest quality lined vacuum hose is used. Solution lines available from 100psi to 3,000psi and temperature ratings of 70 degrees to 250 degrees. The HIDE-A-HOSE is available in 1-1/4 inch, 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch diameter hoses.