Jet Cleaning Tool

There’s nothing more frustrating than a clogged jet.  

But invariably it happens.

Even with a strainer up top and Jet screens down low, it happens.

If you’re like me, you’ve tried everything from staples, to straight pins to toothpicks.  

Like so many other things in our work, it’s best to Be Prepared.

Here’s my two best suggestions:

One, keep an extra manifold handy.  

I specifically designed the Shear kits to be useful in this way… during the job.   An extra manifold puts you in control.  Now you can work on your jets when you have time.  You can swap out your entire jet manifold in seconds … just snap loose the Quick disconnect, loosen the wing nuts and slide on your backup spraybar and get right back to work.  

Then when you have time, you can put the entire spraybar in a vice where it’s easy to work on jets.  

I install hundreds of jets each month exactly this way … put the manifolds in a vice and use a standard ½” ratchet wrench or ½” deep socket to loosen, tighten and re-align v-jets.  

It was an unexpected benefit of the ARC system patent … to be able to efficiently work on jets by looking down over them from a vice.  Get a backup manifold and you can do it at your leisure.

Two, use the Jet Tip Cleaning Tool.

This  is the best tool I’ve ever used for cleaning both v-jets and teejets.  

It contains a bundle of wire, stainless strands, sized just right to get into the tiniest jet tip, yet strong enough not to bend out of shape.  Just wiggle one or more strands into the jet tip to dislodge any debris.  Then rinse and check the jet by holding it up to the light.  Repeat as necessary.

So forget about clogged jet hassles … work on them when you have time.

The extra manifold and Jet Tip Cleaning Tool make it easy.

Jet Cleaning Tool

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