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Let’s talk about the Life-Jacket™

The Life-Jacket is a dream come true for high heat cleaners. It’s a  lightweight polyester heat sleeve that’s got all the features you want in a protective sleeve. It contains heat so there’s less chance of burning you or the surroundings. If it blows, the spray will stay contained inside the jacket. Life-Jacket makes your hose slide easier and more manageable. Rubber hoses slide off of corner guards with ease. Life-Jacket retains heat better than other sleeves twice its weight. In the hot months you can turn down your heat and still be hotter at the wand. In the winter months you have longer to set up before your lines freeze. Life-Jacket is so light you barely know it’s there. Yet it provides a valuable layer of protection. Its breathable so condensation can’t build up with other sleeves. And it’s inexpensive, at only .65/ft.  Better handling, more heat, longer life from your hose, etc etc etc. Life-Jacket is the best solution hose sleeve I recommend.

Life-Jacket prevents burn lines in carpet. All steel braid leaves these burn lines in carpet. Tornado less so than others but it still burns.

Life-Jacket prevents hose colors bleeding /crocking. We see these stains on stairs and sidewalks. Life-jacket completely covers the hose and prevents this.

Life-Jacket extends the life of the hose. Just by being there, the Life-Jacket acts like a band-aid. It even breathes like a band-aid.

The Life-Jacket provides liability protection. If the hose springs a leak, the water is more likely to be contained within the sleeve and less likely to blast all over the place, potentially injuring you, your employees, your customers and their possessions.

Life-Jacket makes solution hose more manageable - especially the hose that won't lay flat by itself like Parker Parflex.

Life-Jacket retains heat inside – it does this better than any hose does on its own. Users report up to 25°F increase on long runs over non-wrapped hose. The average range is more like a 5-15°F increase in working temps ATW over unwrapped hose. As we know, from lowering the jets on our wands, better heat at the carpet means faster, better cleaning.

Life-Jacket is a fuel-saver – at least for oil or kerosene fired heat systems, we’re using less fuel keeping your water hot. Remember it’s not how hot you are at the truck. It’s how hot you are at the carpet.

Life-Jacket is easy to install. Like a new leaf uncoiling as it comes to life, you simply spread the lips and slide your hose inside. The self-closing feature causes it to collapse around the hose. You secure one end with a zip-tie or electrical tape and let the other end hang free. The heat set feature of this product helps it naturally grab & hold your hose.

I've got a few guys using the Life-Jacket and most like it. Nobody's tried it yet with Parker but I think it will help you there too. Parker doesn't leave burn lines in carpet and it is less hot to the touch but it still gets plenty hot enough to create a liability. Life-Jacket should provide liability protection, extend its life. Life-Jacket definitely solves the worst problem with Parker - it makes it way easier to handle.

You can buy Life-Jacket in rolls up to 80 feet. Short sections like 4-6 feet prevent leg burn at the wand. A one-footer works better than those big bulky padded QD wraps and costs less too.. Long sections protect you all through the job. Cooler, more manageable, longer life hose...that's what Life-Jacket is all about. Lightest, least expensive, easiest to install sleeve I've ever found, and I've tried them all.

There’s only a couple of negatives:

Life-Jacket is black so it absorbs heat sitting outside in the sun and gets too hot to handle.

Life-Jacket takes up room on the reel, but not too much room that it affects your work.

Life-Jacket is grabby, at least I thought so but I’m getting mixed reviews, some say yes, others say it’s not so bad.


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