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$ 0.65

Life-Jacket™ Self-closing
wrap, $0.65 a foot



Life-Jacket™ Self-closing Wrap for
Carpet Cleaning
Solution Hose

LifeJacket for solution hose protects you in case your hose blows $8.JPG

$ 4.30

Life-Jacket™ Self-closing wrap,
6ft with ziptie

It just takes a minute to wash down the bags with this handy sprayer and you are back to cleaning again.
Deluxe Wash Downer

Your Price: $22.95

Mini S Wash Downer

Your Price: 14.99

Mini V Wash Downer

Your Price: 17.99

Mal's-E: Add Black Mini S Wash Downer to cart Mal's-E: Add Deluxe Wash Downer to cart Wash Downer, put with sprayers.JPG Mal's-E: Add Black Mini V Wash Downer to cart More Info on Wash Downers and more Colors

Add a Wash Downer for your hose!


Dually  w/flex hose leads

Price: $48.60


Price: $34.99

Quante: 3/8 Male to
two 1/4 Females

Price: $48.99

Carpet Cleaning High Pressure Hose Splitters

Carpet Cleaning
Solution Hose & Accessories

1/4" 250°F @ 3,000psi  
Blue Solution Hose

Goodyear or Schieffer 1/4” steelbraid reusable field crimp.

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$ 5.99

Reusable Crimps

Carpet Cleaning
Reusable Field Crimps

Parker Parflex 1/4”
reusable crimp

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$ 5.99

Reusable Crimps

5 - 15 ft  
1/4", 250°F @ 3,000psi  

Carpet Cleaning
Utility Solution Hose

$ 6.49

Carpet Cleaning Brass 1/4 in. M X F Shut Off Valve

1/4 in.  M X F
Brass shut off valve.

Carpet Cleaning 1/4” Shutoff Valves

$ 6.49

1/4 in.  M X F
Chrome Plated Brass
shut off valve.

Chrome Plated 1/4 in. Carpet Cleaning Shut Off Valve M X F

$ 14.99

 1/4”  F X F
Parker XV500CS-4
Carbon Steel
Standard Ball Valve

$ 6.99

1/4”   F X F
Brass shut off valve.

$ 6.49

1/4 in.  F X F
Chrome Plated Brass
shut off valve.

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Faucet hose adapters

Dually Splitters – splits main supply line into two separate supply lines, great for dual-wanding applications.

Jaime’s Splitter

Price: $58.99

Bend Restricter

Helps to maintain solution
hose ends from over bending.

$ 1.99