Hard Surface Tools

PMF 4-jetter 12” Hard Surface Wand,  
Price: $394.99

(best value hard surface wand I’ve tested)

PMF 4 1/2” Heavy Duty Scrubber Detailer  
Price = $209

Perfect compliment to
PMF 12” 4-jetter Wand

This specialized hand tool is meant for cleaning those really dirty surfaces like Tile, Cement, Stone, Brick and any other hard surfaces that have years of built up grime!!! The dual internal spray jets blast the dirt while the fully enclosing scrubbing brush adds to the cleaning action.

Wands are a drop shipped item (shipped directly from the factory). FedEx or UPS Shipping Only

PMF may take up to a week to ship.

PMF 12in. Hard Surface Wand

$ 394.99

PMF 12in. Hard Surface Wand

$ 438.99

Wtih 4000psi valve

PMF 4 1/2in. Counter Tool

$ 209.00