PMF Detailers

Standard Detailer

$ 94.99

Standard Detailer 3 1/2”

Compact Car Detailer

Extended Low Profile Reach

$ 144.99

Car Detailer 3 1/2”


   The NO-DRIP Detailer has the jet inside the vacuum chamber. The only true no overspray tool! And with the jet set-up inside the vacuum head, you get even MORE access into those small tight areas that are totally impossible for the other tools.

The DETAILER is the most popular hand tool we make here at
Production Metal Forming, Inc.

   In fact, when a upholstery or car detailing company uses one for the first time,

chances are they will want no other hand tool again!

   The DETAILER reaches where other hand tools stop! It reaches into those crevices and small places that leave other hand tools only wishing they could do the job! The sleek design of the DETAILER and the trigger grip makes for hours of stress free cleaning.

You can add to the tools above vacuum release and,
or view window.

Vacuum Release

View Window

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$ 8.50