Installing Cool Connect​™
Quick Disconnect Covers

You will need:

  1. Vise that opens to at least 4 1/2”.
  2. Female QD
  3. Male QD
  4. Cool Connect™ QD Cover
  5. 7/8” Socket

If you heat up the cover in boiling water or water heated up in microwave, it will make it a little easer to go on.

Connect the male and female QD

Take the QD and place it in the large end of the Cool Connect™ cover, (remember it is hot) and then place between jaws of the vise, and tighten till it stops.

Next open jaws to allow the 7/8” socket to go between the Cool Connect™ cover and jaws. Center it and close the jaws some more until the female QD comes to a stop.

Remove from vice and you are done.

It’s that easy!

$ 2.49