Soft Touch Rebuild Instructions

Installing your new Soft Touch Valve Rebuild Kit … with the long-life Deep-Dish Teflon Disk

Read completely first

You don’t need to remove the trigger valve from the wand to do this procedure.

Just lay down a towel and rest your wand on it with the Hex Cap up.

  1. Unscrew the Hex Cap and toss the old spring and stainless ball.
  2. Install the new o-ring onto the Hex Cap (the handy O-ring Puller Tool makes this easy).
  3. Use needle nosed pliers to pull out the old stem. Discard the old stem, old Teflon disk and metal washer.
  4. Install the new stem (use Super Silicone for lube).  Check to see that the stem & lever move together.
  5. Next is an important step for ‘seating’ your Deep Dish Teflon disk correctly.
    We will use the Hex nut Cap to ‘seat’ the Teflon disk.  Do it right and you will have a long lasting seal.  
    Do it wrong, and your jets will drip.  

Procedure: Press the concave end of the Teflon disk into the Hex nut Cap then

screw the Hex Cap in place hand tight (without the ball & spring).

Now, unscrew the Cap you will notice that you have correctly seated the Teflon disk.

Now, finish the installation…

You should now be drip-free again.  

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