Reusable Crimps Instructions



Installing the Do-It-Yourself Reusable Crimp…

Instructions in .pdf

This is a two-part crimp, an outer Sleeve and an Insert.

The two parts screw together to form a crimp as strong as a hydraulic crimp.

These crimps are inexpensive and reusable plus they extend the life of your hose.

Best part is you can do it yourself with basic tools…

Steps: Cut it. Mark it. Strip it. Install the Sleeve. Install the Insert. Tighten.

Mark it: a line 7/8 inch from the end of the hose

Strip it: For steelbraid, strip off the first ½ inch like you were stripping an electrical wire (skip this step for Parker Parflex).

Install the Sleeve: Grip the hose in hand or vice.

Turn the outer Sleeve counterclockwise with an 11/16 inch socket.

Stop turning at the 7/8 inch point.

Install the Insert: Press the Insert into the Sleeve and turn clockwise by hand.

If you’re having a hard time getting the threads started try gently tapping on the Insert (with plastic cap in place).

Tighten: Grip the Sleeve (11/16” or vice) and turn the Insert with a 9/16” wrench clockwise.

Stabilize the free end (optional). Turn until the gap is closed then stop. Do not overtighten!

Cut the hose end:

For thermalplastic hose (Parker Parflex) any box cutter will do.

For steelbraid hose, use a chop saw, angle grinder or cable cutter. (Wear safety glasses & dust mask).