Stair  Climber™

Quality metal Snap hook attaches to your belt loop.

Allows you to work up or down the stairs.

Patent pending

Duckbill tensioner provides a guaranteed grab.

Keeps the hoses below you and out of your way

while you are cleaning.

The Stair  Climber™ is a popular, well proven, well thought-out, durable, multi-purpose hose hook, stair/banister/body strap useful to cleaners.

Use it to tie off vac/solution hose.

Also useful to guys who use rotary extractors.

Stair  Climber™ is great for taking the weight of the hoses off your arms and transferring them to your waist.

It works perfectly with all three sized vac hoses, 1.5", 2.0" even 2.5".

Strong, versatile, this is the only hose wrap/hook a guy needs.

$ 4.99

Carpet Cleaning Stair Climbing Strap