Wash Downer for Carpet Cleaning

Wash Downer - the end of smelly waste tanks and the key to hassle-free filtration.

 Get in this habit of cleaning the filter and your day-to-day cleaning life will go by smoother and easier.

You'll be cleaning more efficiently all day with less interruption and your waste tank maintenance falls to near zero.

It’s the key to hassle-free filtration - the Wash Downer, a simple device and an easy procedure to follow...

As you roll up after each job... pop the quick-release front lid and blast the sidewalls of the white liner.

The debris falls down to the bottom and the sidewalls of the liner are free to breathe.

It only takes 30 seconds and you are back to near 100% restriction-free air flow.

‘Washing down’ between jobs is the fast & easy way of dealing with waste.

Washing Down has several benefits:

What else?

30 seconds washing down or 30 minutes cleaning up. It's your choice.

Get the Wash Downer for between job maintenance and you will eliminate that daily hassle so many cleaners have grown to hate - dealing with those dirty, smelly waste tanks.

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