PMF 802
12” Wide Dual
Jet Wand Open Spray

Item:  1 1/2” Wand

PMF 802 12in Wand Open Spray

$ 304.99


Item:  1 1/2” Wand

PMF 802 12in Wand Closed Spray

$ 318.99


802 12”  Wide Wand
Totally Closed Spray Chamber

PMF 802 12”
Carpet Cleaning Wand

Wands are a drop shipped item (shipped directly from the factory).  UPS Shipping Only

PMF may take up to a week to ship.

There is a Glide replacement kit for the Easy Glide Wand.
Easy Glide Conversion Kit is for the 1 1/2” and 2” Wands.
Includes: Teflon glide and 2 stainless glides.

The first stainless glide will be to mount the Teflon glide to the wand and the 2nd stainless glide is to go over the metal cover bracket on the head.

Item:   Replacement Easy Glide Kit

PMF 802 12in Easy Glide Replacement Kit

$ 94.99