Males take a beating...
so go stainless

$ 4.49


$ 4.49


$ 12.99


Stainless Steel
1/4in. Male QD

QD rebuild kit
6 o-rings

$ 4.49


Tub of
High Temp silicone
To lube your o-rings

$ 2.49

Hard Plastic
QD Cool Connect™ Covers
Installation Info

$ 34.99


Stainless Steel,
1/4in. Female QD

Brass Oring puller

$ 14.48

1/4in. Brass Female QD
with Hard Plastic
QD Cool Connect™ Cover

Protecto wrapsQD wrap LifeJacket is lower profile.JPG

$ 2.29

RC Price:

Life Jacket QD Wrap

$ 21.99


3/8” Brass QD Set


Jaime’s Splitter

Dually Splitter  w/flex hose leads


Dually Splitters splits main supply line into two separate supply lines, great for dual-wanding applications.

Quante: 3/8 Male to
two 1/4 Females

Price: $48.60 Price: $34.99 Price: $48.99 Price: $58.99

Ultimate QD Set: 1/4” SS Male,
1/4” Brass Female QD
and Cool Connect Cover

Carpet Cleaning Quick Disconnects

$ 11.99


1/4in. Brass
Female QD

$ 24.99

1/8” Flow
Flow Thru QD Set