$ 4.99


Front lid gasket replacement

for the

Silver Bullet / RC
In-Line Filter System

Basket Gasket replacement
for the Silver Bullet / RC
In-Line Vac Filter.
Comes with zip tie straps.

$ 2.99


Black replacement bungee strap
that secure the lid on the
Silver Bullet / RC
In-Line Filter.

$ 1.49


This 2” Plug for Intake Ports can be used to block intake ports on Truck Mount Recovery Tanks and dual port Silver Bullet filters.

$ 4.59


Carpet Cleaning filter liners

$ 0.55


Wide 16” X  Long21”

8.5 x .25 rubber bands

8 1/2” X 1/4” Rubber Band.

2 for .99

5 for 1.99   

Need to hold the Liner in place?

Mal's-E: Add 2 Rubber Bands to cart Mal's-E: Add 5 Rubber Bands to cart Carpet cleaning elastic filter liners

White Elastic Liner

$ 0.60


Non Elastic White Liner
These Liners
can be used in many filters.

They measure 16” Wide X 21” Long