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3/8” Air Hose to Cold Water Supply Hose

For incoming cold water hose get 3/8” air hose. It  works great.

It’s more flexible than garden hose, durable and inexpensive.

It’s air compressor hose, available at most hardware stores.

It is typically rated to 300psi.

Look up ‘hydraulic hose’ in the phonebook.  Get their water hose.
Make sure it has some rubber in it, not 100% PVC.


$ 0.65


LifeJacket™ Self-closing wrap, $0.65 a foot

LifeJacket™ Self-closing Wrap for
Carpet Cleaning Solution Hose

LifeJacket for solution hose protects you in case your hose blows $8.JPG

$ 4.30


LifeJacket™ Self-closing wrap, 6ft with ziptie


Jaime’s Splitter

Dually Splitter  w/flex hose leads


Dually Splitters – splits main supply line into two separate supply lines, great for dual-wanding applications.

Quante: 3/8 Male to
two 1/4 Females

Price: $48.60 Price: $34.99 Price: $48.99 Price: $58.99 Air Hose Converted to Cold Water Hose

Can I get
stainless ferrules
for my hose

1 2

$ 6.99


5 - 6 ft  
1/4", 250°F @ 3,000psi  

$ 8.99


10 - 12 ft  
1/4", 250°F @ 3,000psi  

$ 10.99


15 - 16 ft  
1/4", 250°F @ 3,000psi  

5 ft. 10 ft. 15 ft.

It just takes a minute to wash down the bags with this handy sprayer and you are back to cleaning again. Deluxe Wash Downer

Your Price: $22.95

Mini S Wash Downer

Your Price: 14.99

Mini V Wash Downer

Your Price: 17.99

Wash Downer, put with sprayers.JPG More Info on Wash Downers and more Colors

Add a Wash Downer for your hose!

Goodyear or Schieffer 1/4” steelbraid reusable field crimp.
More Info


$ 5.99


Parker Parflex 1/4” reusable crimp
More Info


$ 5.99


$ 6.49


1/4 in.  M X F
Brass shutoff valves.

$ 6.49


1/4 in.  M X F
Chrome Plated Brass Shutoff valves.

$ 6.49


1/4 in.  F X F
Chrome Plated Brass
Shutoff valves.

Carpet Cleaning 1/4” Shutoff Valves

Carpet Cleaning High Pressure Hose Splitters

Hose End QD Protector and Faucet Hose Adapters

1/4" 250°F @ 3,000psi  
Blue Solution Hose

Convert to heavy duty fittings and make sure  you get Oetiker clamps, not screw clamps. Protecto wrapsQD wrap LifeJacket is lower profile.JPG

$ 2.29

RC Price:

Life Jacket QD Wrap

Reusable Crimps Reusable Crimps
Mal's-E: Add Deluxe Wash Downer to cart Mal's-E: Add Mini S Black Wash Downer to cart Mal's-E: Add Mini V Black Wash Downer to cart

Bend Restricter

Helps to maintain solution hose ends from over bending.

$ 1.99


$ 14.99


 1/4”  F X F
Parker XV500CS-4
Carbon Steel
Standard Ball Valve

$ 6.99


1/4”   F X F
shut off valve.

$ 3.99


1/4 in.  M X M
Stainless Steel
Hex Nipple