Carpet Cleaning
Chemical and Cleaning Sprayers

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$ 2.99


$ 22.95


Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Wash Downer for Cleaning Wash downer (2)-qpr.jpg

Deluxe Wash Downer
w/male QD
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$ 139.99


WestPak 10-0507 Flex Hose Sprayer

$ 129.99


WestPak 10-0518 Straight Sprayer

*Suggested Working Pressure 200 PSI
**Suggested Temperature Rating <180°F

*Suggested Working Pressure 200 PSI
**Suggested Temperature Rating <180°F
# No Flex hose like above

$ 35.99


Carpet Cleaning Westpak Complete Sprayer Repair Kit

Westpak 10-0712
Complete Repair Kit

$ 17.49


Westpak Sprayer Yellow Metering Orifice Carpet Cleaning Metering Orifice for Westpak Sprayers

Yellow Nozzle Orifice 9:1 Ratio
Screws into bottom of Metering Block
Changes Ratio from 4:1 to 9:1

$ 2.99


$ 9.99


1/4” M X M  43” Hose

Carpet Cleaning Westpak Straight Sprayer

Wash Downer for Cleaning

Westpak Sprayer Parts

TRIG-ON – instant relief for tired hands. (instructions included)

Westpak Flex Hose Sprayer for Carpet Cleaning

The Sprayers are a drop shipped item and may take up to
10 business days to ship.

Westpak 10-0710
Basic Repair Kit