Can I get stainless ferrules for my
Carpet Cleaning Solution hose?


I get asked this a lot.

The short answer is NO, not from me anyway, not recommended.

The long answer:

I don’t do stainless ferrules anymore.

We tried them several years ago and they failed; mainly because it takes too much pressure to squeeze the stainless crimp.

Even with hydraulics, the crimps would simply not squeeze down as tight as they needed to be – they would blow off.

We went back to zinc-coated steel crimps and haven’t had that problem since.


Wait, there was one that one time ... a Parker hose blew at the truck but upon inspection you could see that the hose had literally melted inside the crimp.

When questioned, the cleaner said “yes, my diverter valve had stuck open and the temps went screaming hot, over 300F.”

Parker is only rated to 235F guys.  We switched him back to Tornado and he’s never had that problem again.


The most common problem is excessive bending right behind the crimp. 

The manufacturers call is ‘exceeding the bend radius’

There’s no perfect prevention for this since the hose IS going to flex there from all the repeated bending at the wand.

But the spring helps stiffen the hose there so there is less chance of exceeding the bend radius.

The spring has been proven to extend the life of the hose over and over.


So let our experience be your guide:

  1. DON’T worry about getting stainless crimps; zinc is fine.
  2. DO get the Spring.

Do these things and you will have fewer problems and a longer life hose.

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