Lil' Better (Pro-Flex Light) is our standard 2” and 2.5” Truckmount hose used where high heat is not a requirement, but the light weight is a great value. It is the most flexible and durable in the industry. The combination of co-polymer materials and two-part helically wound construction make this hose superior to others in the market.

Lil' Better (Pro-Flex LT) has all the characteristics users look for in a vacuum hose plus more flexibility and many added features such as: Ultraviolet protection, crush resistance, and smooth bore.

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Carpet Cleaning Truckmount
Vacuum Hose

Note: Can not be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada

No International Orders

Ships by UPS in one to three weeks.

2” & 2.5” Blue on Black
Vacuum Hose

2” & 2.5” Gray on Black
Vacuum Hose

2” & 2.5” Orange on Black
Vacuum Hose