Carpet Cleaning Red Release / Reducer

Red Release outperforms leading red FDC removers.

Red Release is a powder so you’re only paying for active ingredients. You just add water.

One pound of Red Release™ powder only cost $39.99 yet it makes seven gallons of Red Remover.

So, do you wanna pay $30 a gallon or $6 per gallon? It’s your choice.

Some red removal products add ammonia, phosphates and/or Isopropyl alcohol as surfactants, buffers and/or solvents, but these ingredients do nothing to help remove the red 40 chromophore. In fact, they are seen here to actually slow down the reaction.

We’re seeking the speedy removal of Kool-Aid® and other artificial food dyes.

For these stains, nothing beats the active ingredients in Red Release.

Just add a tablespoon of the Powder to quart trigger bottle of water and you’ve got the best Red FDC remover on the market.

Read the MSDS and follow safe procedure... Respirator as needed and good ventilation.


Red Release

The first one-part

red remover.

Popular two-part

red stain remover










In just 2 minutes we saw noticeable changes.

(Anybody can do this test at home).

Why don’t the suppliers show us these tests?

Red Release™

Red Release 1lb.  Jar   $39.99


Mal's-E: Add Red Release 1lb. Jar to cart

Both red removers turn the Kool-Aid yellow

in just a few minutes. Once it turns yellow it’s

easy to extract with normal hot water

extraction. The difference is in the price and

ease of use.

I did a side by side comparison of Red 1 and your Red Release. They acted the same. So...good job on that stuff!
Mark Church, Mastercare, OR

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